When I setup the domain mikeklapheke.com, I started with a freebie email account from my domain provider. It worked OK, but it had no way to synchronize email or appointments as I moved from computer to computer. This left me having to try and keep track mail I deleted or wanted to keep (if I deleted email on one computer it wouldn’t delete an another).

I had wanted to try Office365 for business for a while, and at $5.00/month it seemed like a good deal (a direct competition to Google’s $5.00/month offering), so I broke down and bought it. Keep in mind that this price gets you email and online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The apps are stripped-down versions of the full copies, so I can’t recommend using them for anything other than basic needs. But since I already had the Office suite on my computer, I didn’t need those apps anyway.

You also get 1 TB (one terabyte) of storage using Microsoft’s OneDrive. That’s a lot, especially compared to Google’s 30 GB or Dropbox’s free 2 GB. Unfortunately, there’s not near the support for OneDrive as there is for Dropbox of Google Drive, so you’ll probably end up with multiple cloud drive accounts.

For email, the web client is very near the standard desktop client. I installed the Outlook app for my phone, and everything stays in sync. Calendar appointments do, too. Without the ability to sync calendars, you could enter an appointment on one system, move to another, and never be notified of the appointment. With everything synchronized, you’ll be kept up to date. The email and calendar sync are 99% of the reason I wanted Office365.

Setup was as painless as it could be, with only a few glitches. Microsoft has gone out of its way to make it easy to correct problems, and it found mine (it couldn’t fix the problems automatically, but it told me what to do). As long as you follow the instructions, you should be fine. Still, keep in mind that you are making changes to systems you may not be familiar with, such as your Domain Name (DNS) information, so you may have to call in a favor or pay someone to set it up for you.

Having used it for a while, I can tell you that I really like it. I have used both Google Apps for Business and Office365, and I think Office365 offers a superior product at the same price. I have used the standard Outlook client, the mobile Outlook client, and the web Outlook client over multiple devices and everything is syncing perfectly. Even more, my calendar is now synced everywhere—no more putting appointments in one system and not having it on another.

I highly recommend using Office365. It will make you more productive.