The Bogota Promise

Three years ago, special forces soldier Tom Finnegan went into hiding after taking down a powerful drug cartel. Forced to disappear or risk his family’s safety, he leaves everything behind—including his wife Ana. But not without regrets.

Slipping into a new identity as a Miami businessman, Tom tries to convince himself that things are better this way. But a message from Tom’s sister—one of the few that knows he’s still alive—brings his past to the forefront when she tells him that Ana is taken hostage with thirty-one other tourists while on vacation in Jakarta.

Tom hides for so long he doesn’t know what to do. Or what he wants to do. But when the captors kill one of the hostages, threatening to kill more if their ransom demands aren’t met, Tom has to act.

Forming an alliance with a British billionaire whose daughter was also taken hostage, they work together to hatch a daring plan that sets the Australian Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard on a massive hunt to find and stop him. The race is on, the ransom deadline is approaching, and Tom can’t leave Ana again.

Tangse, Indonesia

few clouds
humidity: 62%
wind: 16mph NW
H 84 • L 83
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